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Thanksgiving spring

Text / human resources / Li Xuehui

Zhang Zhichao, finance department

     Time flies, time flies, blink of an eye in 2014 has been in the past, autoneum group in Zhao Dong, Lin president and other senior leadership of the leadership and all staff efforts, with brilliant record victory completed all the annual objectives and tasks, expand the a batch of new overseas customers, stable order, production steadily follow up, each career ministry solidarity, actively cooperate with, fighting efforts, created since the establishment of the group of a plurality of first, but also the emergence of a large number of outstanding employees. I am honored to be honored as outstanding staff of the 2014 year, which is the leadership of my trust and encouragement, but also will become my future work of new power. As the financial department autoneum group products center a clerk, I think the biggest feeling is: responsibility! Essential for the operation of a large company, the Ministry of finance accounting and supervisory role, said: finance is in charge of money, but I feel more exact financial management data, but these data are and amount (of money), directly or indirectly, so our management is not an ordinary data, but very important data, these data out may not be the slightest bit error, amount of number is the money of a few, I am responsible for major, our financial people have already formed the careful, earnest, rigorous style of work. Financial work is an important but tedious work, work with a substantial amount of money related data need supervision and management, accounting, statistics, sorting out the valuable data, need accounting, reconciliation, financial statements, data analysis etc.. The Ministry of finance is a team, that is, there is a division of labor and assistance, my results can not get away from the colleagues and leaders with the cooperation and assistance, but also without the support and attention of other departments to lead. Eat bitter bitter, for people who, at work, I have than others pay more effort and patience to do my job, and to how to get our work done better and more reasonable and put forward their own plans and measures and discuss together, help each other. In order to enhance the team's overall level of expertise, accounting handling a their own strength and ability, management ability and selfless contribution, for the company's development and progress silently make their own efforts, so can get support and recognition of the leadership and colleagues. We use our professional knowledge and experience of armed themselves and continue to progress and improve the financial system and process system, hard work, starting from the interests of the company, the work we do and meticulous, rigorous.
     2015 is the new year, as outstanding staff me, will play a leading and exemplary role, will not live up to the expectations of all the leaders, live up to EU extension the title of outstanding employees of the group, for the European extension group's create brilliant success.

Product center Cao Yuqin

     Elected to the 2014 outstanding staff, I was surprised, but also very happy, I think this is both the company leadership for me to work for sure, but also for me to do a good job after a kind of encouragement. 2014 autoneum group to accelerate the pace of development, I in 2014 June officially join this outstanding family, just entered autoneum group will not know the operation process, but only the work process I humbly ask for advice, study hard, constantly improve their professional knowledge, experience in the wrong, stand on solid ground, do your best, responsible for every order of their own, work has been around the company's ten management spirit of faith, keep good communication with colleagues, quickly solve the production of abnormal will try to shorten the time effect, within the Department colleagues, colleagues when needed help, I will try my best to help them solve problems, to actively implement the task of leadership arrangement, do not drag. In work colleagues, leadership to me is very good, help me to learn and progress, when I'm wrong is not to blame and complain, more is to help me solve the problem, so I have been with gratitude work, although sometimes in order to ship with to very late, very tired, but I also feel very happy, and I would like to continue learning, to further enhance the their professional knowledge. Work actually better than I have a lot of, so I must be harder, beyond the self, to complete the indexes, everything done, continue moving forward along this goal, I want to good the most important point is to have a heart of devotion, dare to action, willing to pay only harvest.


Logistics center Chen Zhihua

     I am honored to be awarded as the excellent employees in 2014, which is the leading on my personal work ability certainly, but also to me do a kind of encouragement for future work, although this year I didn't what to show off the performance, but in their own jobs always conscientious, take seriously each time a matter, think more, pay more attention to, for the company as a force of its own. Was elected to the company's 2014 outstanding staff, this is an honor, but also an incentive. I am in June 2013, a chance came to Europe tuns, that was funny, only because at that time the EU extension, the recruitment poster for long enough, but also very delicate, written word is very much, I have no detailed look inside the content, I only know that is an electronics factory, or a group, is recruiting three clerk, I dialed the telephone interview, so I will be the EU extension, a member of, this is my own for the first time looking for work, to say I am naive, still be inferior to saying this is a kind of fate! I am a clothing, was I sleepwalk infiltrates the mobile phone industry, from one of the big three do not know what is the layman, now not only mastered the entire mobile phone export business process, also know the phone is by which components and so on, these are inseparable from the enthusiastic help of leader's careful guidance and senior colleagues, in the days ahead I will more efforts! In fact, the way I'm glad is I came to logistics department, meet a group so genial leadership and so a group of lovely colleagues, one is so friendly, I like this atmosphere. The culture of our company and other companies are not the same, atmosphere is very harmonious, between the staff are very friendly and help each other, in such a good environment to work I can every day are happy, full of confidence ground work, create more achievements. Thank you for your leadership to me and thank all of your colleagues for your help and support for this time.. Because of your help, I can better integrate this group, and better know the business of the company.. Because of you, I have today's results.. Thank you, I will make persistent efforts, with more good mental state to meet the work. Come on together.!

AoLiZhenGe Zheng Songjun

     First of all, I want to say is thanks. Thanks to the leadership of the company to my care and training, also thanks to the support and cooperation from the colleagues of my work, to use this platform to carefully cultivate my leadership and help my colleagues to express our heartfelt thanks to you. It is a great honor to receive the title of "excellent staff" of 2014 years, which is the leader and colleagues for my recognition of the work of this year.. Is also the encouragement to me, is to me after the spur of the work. In the warehouse during the work strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company, dedicated on time completion and routine matters, achieve a unified account. Whenever the financial smoke or on disk - there is no difference in the, never let my superiors worry about my work, which is obvious to everyone, as a member of the company, I feel very proud, is this pride, let me full of confidence and my work motto is: work diligently, steadfast personhood. Although was named the best employee, but I know I have many deficiencies, and a lot of things need me to learn, later I will be more strict demands on themselves, better do their job. I believe that the company in all the leadership and colleagues, the EU will be more beautiful tomorrow. Finally, I sincerely wish the success of the EU extension group, and more wish each of our leaders and colleagues work well!


OTOTSi Li Baihua

     My name is Li Baihua, I have a year of time in Europe extension group, the time is over good fast. I am honored to be named outstanding staff of the year 2014, I have a little accident, but I believe that the gold will always shine. Can be rated on the outstanding staff, is the leader and colleagues to me in the work, in the future work, I will work harder. I am in the job is that kind of little talk to work more, in the work, listen to the views of others, adjust their mind. "Or not, to do the best.." This is what I said to me, a boss, I am so impressed. In the work, we will inevitably encounter not satisfactory, the key to see how we grasp a degree, how to solve. My colleagues and colleagues before can not be a lack of necessary communication, the need to help each other, our work is trivial and complex, seemingly simple, but need to carefully to do, I hope I later can still make extraordinary contributions in this extraordinary position. In the work, there will inevitably be some minor problems, in our ability within the range, we want to do their best to complete. There is a problem is not terrible, the key to see how you go to face, if really can not solve, reported to the leadership, please leadership to help solve, early detection and solve the problem as early as, don't put problems in their own hands, so as not to affect other people's normal work. Men are not saints, to err is human? If errors occur in the work, have the courage to assume responsibility, is wrong is wrong, don't give yourself for any reason, also don't put the blame on others, a qualified employee to have the courage to play. I wish the EU extension group career success.

Management center Li Xuehui

     I am honored to be honored as the outstanding employee of the 2014 year, which is the company's ability to work for me personally. Joined the company a year since, all sorts of feelings and situations were visible from the personnel clerk to Payroll Administrator, inclusive of a warm home, colleagues between help and leadership let me have the opportunity to step into the European family extension. Although this years my work has not been particularly worth showing promising results, but I try to do belong to their post work, with colleagues to establish a relationship of mutual trust and caring for each other, their hands are wholehearted treat, each work all do their efforts are completed before the requirements. Although I was named outstanding staff, I know that I do not enough places too much, there are a lot of things I need to learn. I know that as a pay Commissioner, if not due diligence will damage the interests of employees and the company, so every time payroll accounting is repeatedly checked, and to ensure the accuracy of wages. I also know that there are still a lot of problems, in the future work, I will continue to improve themselves, striving to become 2015 degrees of outstanding staff.

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